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Information Technology

Know your Land Details

If you are interested in knowing the full details of any piece of land which is held by private persons on various grants / leases in Dagshai Cantonment please click Below Link.

Rakshabhoomi – Defence Land Management Software

There are two types of important lands registers. One register is for lands within Cantonments and the other register is for lands outside Cantonments. The former register is called General Lands Register (GLR) and the latter register is called Military Lands Register (MLR). Both the registers, record survey no wise the ownership of land, its area, who occupies it, any transfer/sale transaction and other summary details. Both the registers are maintained in every DEO Circle. GLR is maintained in every Cantonment Board office. Each office maintains multiple volumes of both these registers.

Cantonment Board Dagshai maintains the 5 volumes of GLR. Raksha Bhoomi software version 4.0 has successfully installed in the office. Latest Raksha Bhoomi software version 5.0 is running on central server.

Public Grievance Redressal Software – Samadhan

Public grievance redressal software – Samadhan has been successfully installed in the Office of the Cantonment Board Dagshai. Complaints received were properly addressed and disposed off. The Information Facilitation Centre & Grievance Redressal System “Samadhan” has been set up. This service aims at effective redressal of the complaints filed by public through e-governance. Effective public grievance redressal is the top most priority of any local self govt.

File Management Software (FMS)

File Management Software (FMS) has been successfully installed in the Office of the Cantonment Board Dagshai . There are two main purpose of the software.

To maintain all the files in a proper arranged manner so that we can easily locate anyrequired file quickly.
To keep records of the temporary movement of files. We can query, search, filter and sort the files. We can also take report of both – all files and movement of files
Digitization of Defence Land Record

The management of Defence land necessarily warrants proper maintenance of the land records. These are Government titles on land; acquisition proceedings, General Land Register, revenue plans, oldgrants, lease documents, etc. having ‘Primary and Secondary’ value of evidence.

Alfresco – Document Management Software

Alfresco is Document Management Software, It is open source freely available on internet. This software is further customizes according to the need of Defence Estates Organisation. All day to day letters and important office document can be stored using this software.

VPN & proposed Multi Protocol Leased Lines (WAN) for various IT applications on a central server in Defence Estate department ( Cantonment Board Office )

VPN (Virtual Private Network) has been installed in the Dagshai Cantonment Board office. DGDE has a undertaken a project with NIC for creating Wide Area Network (WAN)through NICNET, to be executed during 2013 and 2014 for secure migration data and hosting various IT applications on a central server. The above project has been also initiated by the Dagshai Cantt Board office in the present financial year.


SAMADHAN is a platform primarily for citizens to directly demand and track their service entitlements under national and state government schemes. FOR SAMADHAN AT CANTT BOARD DAGSHAI CALL: 01792-266152
or Email at